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There are two living alligator species: the American alligator and the Chinese alligator.



Also known as a Mexican salamander or a Mexican walking fish, the axolotl have wide heads and don’t have eyelids. Take one home today!


Ball Python

Python regius is a nonvenomous python species found in Africa. This is the smallest of the African pythons and is popular in the pet trade, largely due to its typically docile temperament

Pet Bradenton ball_python


Did you know? The basilisk is called “king” because it is known to have on its head a crown-shaped crest.

Pet Bradenton basilisk

Bearded Dragon

The Pogona, or bearded dragons, are adept climbers, spending time on branches and in bushes and near human habitation.

Pet Bradenton bearded_dragon

Boa Constrictor

The Boa constrictor is a species of large, heavy-bodied snakes.

Pet Bradenton boa_constrictor

Clawed Toad

The clawed toad gets its name from the three short claws on each hind foot, which it uses to tear apart its food.

Pet Bradenton clawed_toad

Corn Snake

The corn snake, or red rat snake, is a North American species of rat snake that subdues its small prey by constriction

Pet Bradenton corn_snake

Crested Gecko

This species was thought extinct until it was rediscovered in 1994.

Pet Bradentoncrested_gecko

Fat Tailed Gecko

The African Fat-tailed gecko is found in West Africa, from Senegal to Cameroon. Their habitat is dry and arid, although they will spend most of their time in a dark, humid hiding place

Pet Bradenton fat_tailed_gecko

Florida Vine Snake

Florida Vine snakes are found throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast from the Pine Barrens of New Jersey west to central Texas and south throughout Florida.

Pet Bradenton florida_vine_snake

Leopard Gecko

The leopard gecko is a ground-dwelling lizard naturally found in the deserts of Asia and throughout Pakistan, to the northwestern parts of India. Unlike most geckos, leopard geckos have movable eyelids

Pet Bradenton leopard_gecko

Red Belly Toad

The brightly colored red or yellow and black patterns on the toad’s ventral regions act as a warning to predators of the toad’s foul taste

Pet Bradenton red_belly_toad

Red Foot Tortoise

Red-footed tortoises are popular pet tortoises from northern South America. They are medium-sized tortoises that generally average 30 centimetres as adults, but can reach over 40cm.

Pet Bradentonred_foot_tortoise

Spanish Ribbed Newt

The Iberian ribbed newt, or Spanish ribbed newt, is a newt local to the central and southern Iberian Peninsula and Morocco. It is known for its sharp ribs which can puncture through its sides, and as such is also called the sharp-ribbed newt.

Pet Bradenton spanish_ribbed_newt

Sulcata Tortoise

The African spurred tortoise, also called the sulcata tortoise, is a species of tortoise which inhabits the southern edge of the Sahara desert, in northern Africa.

Pet Bradenton sulcata_tortoise

Veiled Chameleon

The veiled chameleon, Chamaeleo calyptratus, is a large species of chameleon found in the mountain regions of Yemen, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia. It is also sometimes referred to as the Yemen chameleon

Pet Bradenton veiled_chameleon

Water Dragon

Water Dragons are able to swim totally submerged, and rest on the bottom of shallow creeks or lakes for up to 90 minutes to avoid detection

Pet Bradenton water_dragon


Venus Fly Traps

Native to North and South Carolina, the Venus Fly Trap is a carnivorous plant that preys on insects.

Pet Bradenton venus_fly_trap


Asian Forest Scorpion

Heterometrus, which members are also known by the collective vernacular name giant forest scorpions, is a genus of scorpion belonging to the family Scorpionidae.

Pet Bradenton asian_forest_scorpion

Emperor Scorpion

The emperor scorpion, Pandinus imperator, is a species of scorpion native to rainforests and savannas in West Africa. It is one of the largest scorpions in the world and lives for 6-8 years.

Pet Bradenton emperor_scorpion


Thelyphonida is an arachnid order comprising invertebrates commonly known as vinegaroons

Pet Bradenton vinegaroon


Pinktoe Tarantula

The pinktoe tarantula is a species of tarantula native to South America, Costa Rica to Brazil, and the southern Caribbean.

Pet Bradenton hairy_pink_toe_tarantula

Mexican Redknee tarantula

Brachypelma smithi, is a terrestrial tarantula native to the western faces of the Sierra Madre Occidental and Sierra Madre del Sur mountain ranges in Mexico. They are a large species, and are a popular choice for enthusiasts

Pet Bradenton red_knee_tarantula

Rose Hair Tarantula

The Rose Hair Tarantula is also known in the United States as the Chilean rose tarantula, Chilean flame tarantula, Chilean fire tarantula or the Chilean red-haired tarantula.
Pet Bradenton rose_hair_tarantula

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